Admissions Open 2024-25


“Great Teachers, Inspire Great Students”

Raj Vedanta’s teachers are a team of fully qualified, passionate professionals who genuinely care for each student and work together in fulfilling their potential: “Academically, Ethically and Personally”. They work together to bring out the best in every student, helping them to discover, develop and celebrate their talents. They are committed to deliver the highest possible standards of education and support to every student.

The significance of the teachers in the ethos of our school is reflected in our stringent recruitment process, where we commit a great deal of time and resources to ensure we make the right decisions. Our standards for teachers are high and we expect them to commit time and energy above and beyond what has perhaps been expected of them at their previous schools. In the classroom, they are expected to be able to differentiate their teaching to accommodate different learning styles and abilities. To facilitate this, we ensure they have the resources they require to be effective in their teaching practices.

Our favourable teacher to student ratios help to ensure our students successes, whatever their age or ability. Our teachers’ involvement in school life stretches beyond the classroom and and students are given time after school to provide the fantastic range of opportunities, excursions and activities for our students.


While, most schools today imply authoritarian model which is teacher centered and frequently entails lengthy lecture sessions or one-way presentations. We facilitate and promote ENQUIRY BASED self-learning model that help students develop critical thinking skills and retain knowledge which leads to self- actualisation.

From the very start of student’s journey with us here at Raj Vedanta, our students are encouraged to develop an enthusiastic approach to learning and a drive to excel in everything they do. Promoting academic achievement, or dynamic, child centric, skill based curriculum has been designed to ensure all round development of every student.

We try our best to identify student’s unique talent and unleash their true potential, whilst allowing them to follow their own interest. Students learn though enquiry, making learning fun and effective through innovative methodologies which best fit their learning styles. It’s more than just academic learning- our pupils are encouraged to develop positive attitude, healthy habits and the strong moral and ethical values they need to become responsible citizens of the world.


We empower our students to actively shape their future by providing them with real life experience that go beyond the classroom.

We seek educators that have a deep professional understanding of teaching and learning, are true collaborators, and believe that children are the centre of educational experience.

RVS is dedicated to academic excellence by providing a nurturing, safe and secure environment that provide opportunities for all the students to flourish.

We offer a developmentally challenging program of studies that is truly individualised for different type of learners.

The main focus of RVS is on empowering our students to realise their full potential, shape the future and make their dreams come true.