Admissions Open 2024-25


Deep and personalised learning is at the heart of Raj Vedanta school. Our student learn to think critically, collaborate with peers from diverse cultural backgrounds, and use creativity to solve unique challenges as they discover their passion and purpose in school. Building a sense of responsibility towards the community and environment is at the core of all academic and co curricular activities at RVS.


At the heart of our beliefs, actions and Reggio-inspired philosophy is an understanding and respect for young children as unique, capable and curious learners. Preschool students and teachers come together each day to investigate, idea the, build relationships, and create shared meaning about the world around them. Children learn through play and exploration while they develop a range of skills. At RVS, we observe and document children’s growth and development across different areas that include language, early literacy, early numeracy, cognitive, social/ emotional and physical development. Early years program empowers children to be independent, curious, compassionate and confident young learners while preparing them for journey ahead.


It is a place where the foundation of learning takes hold, and where we have the rewarding job of fostering and challenging students to maintain their curiosity and creativity while extending their self confidence and self advocacy. From the earliest grade, RVS students are active learners, children at primary wing learn to analyse and question across subject areas, learn to express themselves in writing, presentations and discussions. They understand where they are in their learning journey, what their targets are. We prepare student to meet and surmount high academic standards, facilitate to build emotional competencies.


Middle school students at RVS have the space to grow and find themselves in a unique and welcoming environment guided by teachers. The core of middle school academic courses of reading, language, social studies, maths, science, computer, third language, project based learning to provide real world experiences. Elective courses of performing arts, fine arts, music, physical education, theatre, library, yoga, robotics etc. are just exploratory and innovative programs that increase student interest and extend their learning. Technology is seamless incorporated into all subject areas and students celebrate their learning with their parents towards the end of the year through portfolio presentations.


Learning at RVS is a process of discovery and transformation through pursuing individual passions and encountering new ways of viewing the world. Students learn best when they are connected to the life of their school and to the teachers there who guide them. Every RVS high school student belongs to group where teacher acts as an advisor who mentors them, help them track their progress, set goals, discuss and solve learning issues, and build on their capacities to take responsibility for their learning. Student are encouraged to design their own learning experience by merging their passion with academics.