Admissions Open 2024-25


Events and activities in RVS foster social interaction, promoting teamwork and communication skills. They provide practical application of theoretical knowledge, enhancing experiential learning. Additionally, these engagements contribute to a well-rounded education by nurturing creativity, leadership, and a sense of community.

Kindergarten Graduation

Republic Day Celebration

Hearth of Lohri

Galleries Reimagined 

Innovative Teaching Methods

 Basant Panchmi

CISCE Sports Meet

Investiture Ceremony

Mock Parliament

Friendship Day Celebration

International Day of Yoga

Fireless Cooking

Career Counseling

Celebrating Monsoon

Dental Check-up

Exchanging plants on Green day

Extending Gratitude on Labours Day

Faculty workshop

Good Touch Bad Touch -Safety Awareness

Grandparents Day Celebration

Halloween Costume Party

Hindi Diwas Recitals

Ramayana Depiction Kindergarten

Teacher's Day Celebration with skits and dance

Yellow Day for Nursery

RamayanaRole Play

TeachersDay Celebration with skits and dance

Weaving Stories

Yellow Day for Nursery

Celebrating Monsoon