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At RVS, we recognise that effective learning does not take place exclusively in the classroom. It’s important to broaden learning horizons so that students can connect the outside world to their experiences in school. Students at RVS are encouraged, guided and supported as they identify, explore a passion or develop a new interest. To give students an opportunity to showcase and hone their talents, also prepare them for intra school competitions, various club activities are conducted throughout the year. Club activities not only help to shape their personal interests and hobbies but also improve their leadership , critical thinking, decision making and social skills. We offer several clubs and students can choose their interest depending on his/her interest. Students share their ideas and enjoy learning from each other during club periods. Teachers are there to guide them at every step. Experts are also invited to share ideas with the students.

Cookery club
Cookery club
The objective of the club is:
  • To inculcate an interest in cookery
  • To try simple and attractive recipes with vegetables and fruits grown in school.
  • To understand kitchen hygiene, health and safety measures to be taken.
  • Trip to 5 star properties to understand how the chefs and kitchen work.
  • Students feel confident and attain full knowledge about food preparation, cooking and food presentation.
Photography club
Club’s objective is as follows:
  • To promote creativity through photography, to educate and improve technical skills, and spread the love for photography.
  • Share ideas and knowledge with each other and help to promote interest in photography through exhibitions and other events.
  • Group photography projects.
Future scientist club

This club gives students an opportunity to meet and benefit from sharing scientific interests and abilities. Projects are designed to stimulate interest in mathematics, science, engineering and technology and to train students in techniques of innovation and creativity.

Business club

The main goal of the club is to orient students to the practical aspects of business management by introducing related topics with activities in classroom settings.

Spelling bee club

The spelling bee aims at improving students spelling skills and increasing their vocabulary.

Music club

This club is a platform to bond over music in terms of performing, collaborating, learning, sharing, exploring and creating by studying diversity in music.

Creative writing club

The purpose of the creative writing club is to provide a positive and productive atmosphere for developing student writers to integrate, learn and grow.

Heritage club

The heritage club endeavours to inculcate a feeling of pride and love for the rich cultural legacy left behind by our ancestors. Every student of this club is motivated to participate in heritage conversation and to learn more about national and international heritage.

Envirothon Club

This club is designed to stimulate, reinforce and enhance interest in the environment and natural resources. Incorporating STEM principles, experiential learning and hands on outdoor field experiences, the Envirothon program fosters student learning in the areas of aquatic ecology, forestry, soils and land use, wildlife and current environmental issues. It encourages cooperative decision making and team building.

Literary club
The club functions with the following objectives:
  • To inculcate among students a flair for the language and enhance their literary skills.
  • To induce reading habit.
  • To encourage students to become orators and display their intellectual and independent thinking skills.
Disaster Management club
Objectives of the club:
  • To empower the younger generation with skills to meet the crisis arising out of natural and man made disasters.
  • To impart a sense of disaster preparedness through skit, role play, drama, guest lectures and first aid training.
  • To render volunteer services in disaster affected areas.
Dance club

This club incorporates a variety of dance styles including many forms of classical Indian dance forms and western dance styles. Students are introduced to different kinds of dance forms, while exploring mechanic structure of each style and finally integrating all respective dance forms.

Visual art club
Objective of the club:
  • Students gain knowledge of the concepts of art and design.
  • They acquire knowledge of the fundamentals, gain experience with required tools, materials and techniques for making art and design, master techniques and enhance imaginative skills.
Personality development club

This club conducts various activities to enhance a student’s personality. Works on improving their communication skills, leadership skills, team spirit, decision making, critical thinking etc. and concentrates to make them employable as well as to face the real world with spirit.