When should a parent submit the application?

RVS has a rolling admission process and accepts application throughout the year.

Are students safe at RVS campus?

Safety is accorded as top priority in the school and there are protocols in place to ensure Medical safety, Electrical safety, Fire safety, Internet safety and safe environment. Student are always supervised and monitored in every sphere. Physical facilities are safe; teachers and other staff ensure safety in classrooms, science labs, outdoors, on field trips and during school events.

If a child is currently studying in CBSE / STATE BOARD, so if one has to enrol in RVS, can he/ she adapt to ICSE Curriculum?

It depends on the child and the family, and younger students can usually adapt better than older student. However, a bright student with drive and determination can usually adapt within a month or two. Teachers provide full support to students in order to help them cope up with the curriculum.

Does the school provide transport?

Transport facility is available for students and teachers. We have centralised pickup and drop off points on each bus route. There are trained female care takers in every vehicle authorised by school.

What geographical area does the school draw students from?

We cater mainly to students who live in Bhopal. We also have students who come from Raisen and Vidisha district

How about the fees at Raj Vedanta school?

We are a caring school who believes in serving the local community. We have a special scholarship programme for the students who have excelled in either academics, sports or any extra curricular activities. For more information Call us  : +91-8889996486

What are the other fees to consider?

Apart from fees, parents are required to meet annual expenses towards:
1. Stationary fee for notebooks, textbooks and materials.
2. School dress
3. School bus transportation- as per requirements.
4. Some extended day field trips and all overnight trips.
5. Occasional additional purchases such as musical instrument/ karate dress and belt/ robotics kit as required by different age groups/ Sports shoes and personal equipment.
NOTE : Please note that school does not sell any of the above mentioned items, nor has any preferred vendors for the same.

What is the mode of payment?

1. All payments are to be done by cheque or demand draft should be done in favour of “Siddharth Educational Welfare Society” payable at Bhopal.
2. For existing students the respective fees can be deposited in Bank of India, for which receipt book is issued.
3. Cheque should be accompanied with details of the child- Name, grade and section at the back of the cheque.

What are school timings ?
 Play to KG-II 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
 First to Twelfth 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
What are the school office timings?

The school office is open from 7:30 to 4:00pm. School office is open from Monday to Saturday except for Sunday and bank holidays.

What are the facilities available at RVS?

Classrooms are comfortable, carefully organised and stocked with ample open ended learning materials.
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Does the school serve lunch ?

Yes,  we will be serving lunch from June 2023 onwards, for academic session 2023-24. 

Does your school have hostel facility?

No, we do not have hostel facility, but we can help you arrange a suitable facility. For more information Call us  : +91-8889996486

Do your school have Day Boarding facility?

we have day boarding facilities available for working parents. For more information Call us  : +91-8889996486